Microwave Oreo Mug Cake
You certainly know that moment too. All of a sudden you are hungry for a delicious cake, but you don?t want to stay in the kitchen for hours or go to the next pastry shop which is maybe very far away from your place. Exactly for this special moment, I prepared a simple and fast to prepare recipe for an oreo microwave mug cake which only needs a few minutes to get prepared.

Ingredients per cake

50g Flour
25g Sugar
3g Baking Powder
45ml Milk
10ml Vegetable Oil
4 Oreo Cookies
Whipped Cream (Optional)


Start by taking a small bowl and crush the Oreo cookies in it until they are crumbly. Then mix them together with all the other ingredients (except the cream) until you get a nice creamy dough.

Now fill the cake dough in a small glass bowl or cup, which you put in the microwave for 1:40 minutes at 800 Watts. Pay a little bit of attention that the cake dough doesn?t overflow while it?s in the microwave. This can easily happen when the cup or bowl is too small.

When the cake is ?baked? let it cool down for a few minutes and put some whipped cream on top if you want (Which I highly recommend)