Homemade Mushroom Cheese Spread
Making bread spreads by yourself is really easy and you can be super creative in doing them. In today's recipe, I'll show you how to make this delicious homemade mushroom cream cheese spread quite simply at home.

300g Mushrooms
100g Cream Cheese
2 Cloves of Garlic
2 Onions
1 Carrot
30g Parsley
Salt & Pepper
Some Vegetable Oil


Start by cutting the mushrooms, carrots, garlic cloves and onions. In addition, you can already chop the parsley. Once you've done all of that, heat up some oil in a pan and add the onions as well as the carrots. Fry them on high heat for about 1-2 minutes before adding the mushrooms and the garlic. Fry them for additional 1-2 minutes on same heat level.

Once the mushrooms have been slightly shrinked, season everything with some salt and pepper, stir in the parsley and set the temperature to a low level. Now you need a blender to purée all the vegetables into a fine paste. Stir in the cream cheese and taste it. If necessary add some more salt and pepper to your bread spread.

And that's it. It's so easy to make a simple but delecious bread spread at home. The amount you get from the ingredients is pretty much. So if you are living alone or planning to eat it by yourself, you can simply reduce the amount of ingredients by half.