Cinnamon Rolls
Today I have these delicious cinnamon rolls for you. A very simple and fast and easy to prepare recipe, which also fits wonderfully into the Christmas season :)

Ingredients for 8-16 cinnamon rolls

For the dough:
350g Four
50g Sugar
50g Butter (Soft)
20g Yeast (Fresh one not dry Yeast)
175ml Milk
1/2 Tsp Salt

For the filling:
25g Butter (Soft)
35g Sugar
5g Cinnamon

Topping (Optional):
Sugar Frosting or Chocolate Sauce


First, mix the butter with the milk and heat it on the stove or in the microwave to 37-40°C. Then mix in the yeast with the sugar and give the yeast a few minutes to get activated. Therefore, it is important that the milk-butter mixture is not warmer than 40°C, otherwise the yeast cultures would die off.

Once the yeast is activated, you put the flour with the salt in a bowl and mix both with the yeast. Knead everything into a smooth dough and let it rest for 30-60 minutes in a warm place. I always put it in the open and switched off oven, which I previously warmed to about 50°C.

Once the dough has doubled in size, you can spread some flour on a countertop and roll it thinly into a rectangular shape. Then you distribute the soft butter followed by the cinnamon and sugar mixture on the dough. Then roll it evenly and halve the resulting dough roll until you have 8 or 16 pieces (I recommend 16 pieces).

Now put the unbaked cinnamon rolls in the cold oven. Then bake them for about 20-25 minutes at 200°C. By placing the cinnamon rolls in the cold oven, they can rise a bit more while the oven is heating up. You can then eat the baked cinnamon rolls right away or spread some sugar frosting or chocolate sauce on them. All three variants are definitely delicious :)