Microwave Scrambled Egg with Bread
Today I have a recipe for a small snack during breakfast. These are delicious scrambled eggs with hot pepperoni coated with some crunchy bread :D

Ingredients per serving

2 Slices of Bread
1 Egg
Approx. 30g Mozzarella
20g Hot Peppers
Salt & Pepper
Some Green Onion (Optional)


Start by toasting the two slices of bread and cutting a big hole in the middle of one slice (Actually you can do that before toasting :D).

Then put both slices on top of each other and sprinkle the cheese on top and especially on the whole. Now give the bread for 30 seconds at 700 watts in the microwave to allow the cheese to melt. Additionally, to the nice taste, the cheese also helps to seal the bread and keep the beaten egg inside the hole. If you have a cooling rack that fits in the microwave, you should use it and put the bread on top of it.

Talking about the egg, you can beat it now in a small bowl and add some chopped hot peppers. I prefer the pickled ones, which you can often find on nachos. But if you prefer fresh ones, go ahead and use them. It?s totally up to you :)

Now you slowly pour the beaten egg into the bread hole and put the bread for about 100 seconds at 700 watts back in the microwave. Season the egg with some salt and pepper and your delicious snack is ready for serve :D