Homemade Clubhouse Sandwich
Homemade sandwiches are one of my absolute favourite dishes in the world and especially the clubhouse sandwich is one of the best in my eyes. That's why I'll show you today how you can easily make your own clubhouse sandwich at home.


3 slices of white bread
2-3 strips of bacon
Some lettuce
Mayo and mustard (ratio 3:1)
Chicken breast
Cooked ham
Egg (Hardboiled)
Some vegetable oil


The preparation of the clubhouse sandwich is relatively simple. First, heat the oil in a pan and add the chicken breast. Fry it on both sides at medium to high heat until it's golden brown. Once you have turned the chicken (which you should do only once), you can also add the bacon to the pan.

While the meat is sizzling in the pan, you can already toast the bread, slice the tomatoes and egg as well as mix the sauce. I used 3 tsp mayo and 1 tsp mustard for my sandwich sauce.

Once the chicken is fried and slightly chilled, you can cut it into thin slices (Not like I did in the video. My slices were way too thick :'D).

Now it's time to build your sandwich. First, spread the sauce on all three slices of bread, followed by putting salad on the first slice. Now add the ham, the tomatoes and the second slice of toast. Add the bacon, another layer of salad the egg and the chicken breast slices on the second layer of bread before "closing" your Sandwich with the third layer of bread.

When you have done that, fix your sandwich with two or four toothpicks. These will make it easier for you to halve or quarter your sandwich.

Serve your Sandwich classic with some potato chips or some fries.