Prawn Curry Wraps
After a very long time, I made some wraps at home again and this time with some extremely delicious prawns. The recipe is super simple and requires only a few minutes in the preparation. By the way, vegetarians and vegans can simply remove the prawns from the recipe and replace them with carrots or zucchinis :)

Ingredients for 2 Wraps

2 Tortilla Wraps
150g Prawns
100ml Coconut Milk
100g Rice
10g Ginger
2-3 Spring Onions
2 Tsp Curry Paste
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper
Lettuce (Optional)


Start by cooking the rice in salted water. Meanwhile, you can cut the spring onions and the ginger (chop the ginger in very small pieces) and slightly heat the olive oil in the pan.

Add the chopped vegetables to the pan and fry them for about 5 minutes over medium heat before adding the curry paste and coconut milk. Once you have mixed everything, you can also add the prawns and the cooked rice. Fry everything for additional 3-4 minutes at the same temperature. Taste the coconut curry with some salt & pepper and put a few tablespoons of it on your wraps. Now roll them together and enjoy your delicious prawn curry wraps :)