Baked Pork Shoulder

750g pork shoulder
60ml soy sauce
60ml sake or white wine
50g ginger
30g sambal oelek or similar chili pastes
2-3 garlic cloves
Salt & pepper


The preparation for this tasty pork shoulder is quite simple but very time-consuming. But the result is worth the waiting :)

Just season the piece of pork shoulder properly with salt and pepper and don't be too stingy. After all, you have a big piece of meat in front of you and most of the taste is in the crust. After seasoning, cut the ginger as well as the garlic and mix them with the remaining ingredients.

Once you have done that, put the pork in a baking dish or a lockable bag and pour the marinade over it. Now the meat should rest in the refrigerator for 12-24 hours with occasional turning around. After this time, dry the pork shoulder lightly with some kitchen paper and put it at 100°C for around 5 hours in the oven. There, you should turn it around every 30 minutes and lightly brush it with the marinade.

Finally, let the meat rest for about 30-60 minutes before you cut it. You can use it for example on bread (Like you can see on the picture) or for garnishing other dishes, such as my miso ramen, which I recently made.