Mushroom Risotto

300g King Oyster Mushroom
200g Risotto Rice
50g Parmesan
40g Butter
2 Shallots
1 Garlic Clove
½ Bunch of Parsley
400ml Vegetable or Chicken Broth
100ml White Wine
Salt, Pepper and Nutmeg


First prepare the vegetables by finely cutting the shallots, garlic, the mushrooms and chopping the parsley.

Once you have done that, take one-third of the butter and heat it in a pot. In it, you sweat half of the shallots and the garlic along with the rice. Add the wine as well as a bit of the broth. As soon as the rice has absorbed a large amount of the liquid, add a bit more of the broth to the rice. You do this with constant stirring until you have no more broth left.

While the rice is cooking, heat another third of the butter in a pan and sweat the other half of the shallots as well as the garlic followed by the mushrooms. Once the mushrooms are done frying after a few minutes at medium to high heat, add the chopped parsley to the pan.

In the meantime, the rice should be almost ready. Mix in the mushrooms and season everything with the spices. Finally, add the parmesan and melt the rest of the butter in your risotto.