Crispy Sushi Roll
Ingredients (Suggestion)

Sushi Rice (About 100g cooked rice per sushi roll)
Nori Sheets
Salmon Fillet
Sweet Pepper
Pickled Radish
Tempura Mix
Vegetable Oil


Start by washing the starch out of the rice using cold water. Boil the rice after by following the package instructions.

Put the cooked and chilled rice on the nori sheet, which has a smooth as well as a rough side, on which you spread the rice. You should always work with slightly moistened hands so that the rice does not stick to them. Turn over the nori sheet and put the ingredients you want to use for the sushi roll on the smooth side of the nori sheet. Then roll it and squeeze it slightly together.

Now you need two bowls. In one bowl prepare the tempura mixture together with water and put the panko into the other bowl. Once you have done this, dip the sushi roll into the tempura mixture so that all sides are well covered, followed by covering it with the panko. Now fry the sushi roll in hot oil for about three minutes. When itÂ’s golden brown, you can take it out of the oil and drain the excess oil on a cooling grid.

As a last step you cut the sushi roll into equally sized slices and serve them for example with wasabi, ginger, soy sauce or a spicy chilli sauce.

Note: Of course you can prepare your sushi roll as you prefer. My ingredients are just a simple suggestion. When you're vegetarian or vegan, you can replace the fish with vegetables, mushrooms, tofu or whatever you like :)