Apple Cranberry Cookies
I am not sure if I should call them cookies, biscuits or whatever. Since they are crunchy like cookies right after baking, but getting softer over time until they are more like an apple pie. However, they are delicious and I can only recommend anyone to try out these "cookies" :)

Ingredients for approx. 25 cookies

250g Flour
250g Apples (Cored)
100g Cranberries
60g Butter
45g Sugar
80ml Apple Juice
1 Egg
2Tsp Cinnamon
1Tsp Baking Powder


First cut the apples into small pieces. They should be about the size of the cranberries. Give the apple juice and the fruits in a pot and bring the juice to boil before you reduce the heat to a minimum and let the fruits simmer briefly. The pot should be closed with a lid and after 5 minutes you can take the fruits out of the pot.

While the fruits are simmering, you can prepare the dough. Simply mix the soft butter with the egg and the sugar, followed by the flour and the baking powder. Once everything is kneaded well, add the fruits including the juice and cinnamon. Knead everything again with a hand mixer and then spread the dough on a baking sheet. For each cookie, I took about 1 1/2 teaspoon of dough.

The cookies need about 30 minutes at 175°C /350°F in a preheated oven.